Kendl McKellar and Kathryn Childers are the K’s behind K&K Interiors based in Austin Texas. As partners they believe in designing spaces that reflect their relaxed yet sophisticated style for each of their clients. K&K Interiors welcome a wide range of projects from large scale remodels & ground up construction, to smaller one room “makeovers.” No project is too big or small.

They have experience collaborating with builders and architects as well as providing their own team of experts to finish installs creating a final breathtaking new space. Together they focus on combining their unique tastes to create stunning, comfortable and functional interiors.

“I cannot even begin to communicate how amazing this duo is. From the second they first came to look at our home, they were incredibly dedicated and engaged in our home makeover project. They’ve seen our project through from their very beginning until the last final detail was completed. Their ideas were amazing, and when we walked into our home after not seeing it for 6 weeks it was truly better than we could have ever imagined!!! K&K have amazing connections with fantastic vendors and contractors. They are also so good at putting money into the right things — they recommended high quality (but affordable) furniture pieces and stuck to Target and Home Goods for accents. We loved this and so appreciated the ways that they saved money.

These gals are incredibly gifted, super professional, ridiculously prompt and they truly work magic!!
I cannot recommend them enough!”

- the Dudley Family -
“Thank you so much again for working your magic! Our rental home feels like a real home-exceeded my expectations even more than I had imagined. Loved working with both of you again!”
-The Carter Family-
“I can’t thank you both enough for helping me with my new house. You are both very talented:) Thanks for sharing your gift and time! “
-The Lee Family-
“Once again you have amazed and dazzled us!  I love being a first- hand witness to your creative talents at work. It is so inspiring to see you beautiful mama’s in action!”
-The Dilworth Family-
“Their initial consultation quickly demonstrated their ability to listen, assess and let the creative juices flow. Kendl and Kathryn were punctual, consistent, timely and FUN to work with. They mastered the balance of keeping my style in mind yet trying new things making it very easy for me to surrender to the process. Their instincts are razor sharp and their design philosophy, ‘beautiful design doesn’t have to break the bank’, made me feel comfortable and excited as we continued through the remarkable transformation of my home. If you have the chance to work with Kendl and Kathryn please take full advantage of their creative talents and availability. I consider myself lucky to have crossed their paths and it was an honor to be their client.”
-Diana D-

“I had a wonderful experience working with Kendl & Kathryn. They listened to what I was needing and then took it to another level and even stayed within my budget! I highly recommend K&K. My house looks amazing.”

-Kerrie Eubanks-
“The ladies were able to give me exactly what I was needing. I wanted maximum seating in a quirky angled room. I loved it so much, I had them continue on to the rest of the house. Everyone loves my new look!”
-Janice Dorris-
“Kathryn & Kendl came into my house and turned it into a home! They picked out all of my furnishings, tables, chairs, pillows, accessories, drapery and hardware. I am so pleased with it all and they did it within my budget. The process they use is so easy and transparent, you know how much you are spending before it’s spent. They have such a knack for putting different textures and colors together. I love my new home. “
-Jennifer Callaway-